Some Links, 12/22/11

Here’s some links to check out.

1.  The new Jacobin Magazine issue is out.  Check out Peter Frase expanding his Anti-Star Trek argument, as well as Seth Ackerman on the decline of the strike, as well as everyone else.

2.  Roosevelt Institute’s very own Jeff Madrick lists the 10 worst economic ideas of 2011.  Great post.

3.  From Sady Doyle’s Top 5 Longreads (all recommended) here’s a Rolling Stone cover story about a lonely 14 year old who creates a myspace and online persona and ends up with a huge amount of harassment and threatening attention: “Kiki Kannibal: The Girl Who Played With Fire,” Sabrina Rubin Erdely.  One of the best things I’ve read this year.  I was surprised by the scope of those who prey on this young person trying to experiment with identities online – from a rapist who seduces her and becomes her boyfriend, to the legion of misogynists that send threatening emails and comments to actual professional enterprises that look to cash out on her reputation in sick ways.

4.  I finally saw “In Time.”  It’s not a particularly good movie, but as a story about austerity in a time of recession it’s excellent.  You sit there and wonder “why don’t they just give everyone more time?”, and you look at our economy and wonder “why don’t they just give everyone more money?”  Also I can finally read Caleb Crain’s review of the movie, which is recommended and full of what Marx and Thoreau would make of the movie’s use of time and production.

5.  Speaking of “just print time money and give it to people”, here’s an American Scholar piece I missed – How to Pay for What We Need. “Here’s the gist of it: using the monetary methods of Lincoln, updated to employ the inflation-fighting tools of the Federal Reserve, we could pay for a faster recovery and a great many worthy projects without higher taxes, without more national debt, and believe it or not, without inflation. How? By letting Congress exercise a little-known power that is used (very quietly indeed) by the Federal Reserve: the power to create new money….The United States is not broke—and we should laugh at the delusion that we are. The potential for abundance is everywhere around us, but it stagnates for sheer lack of funding.”

Happy Holidays everyone!

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