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Movement in the University of California Privatization and Tuition Debates

A few things to note in the public college access debates, particular with tuition and privatization. 1.  First, the Daily has a story (that provides the graph above) arguing that there will be a “bill of $422,320 in today’s dollars … Continue reading

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Household Formation: Divorces, Births Correlated with Unemployment Across States

From the Simpsons episode where Milhouse’s parents get divorced: Kirk van Houten:  “Singles life is great, Homer; I can do whatever I want.  Today I drank a beer in the bathroom.” Homer Simpson: “The one down the hall.” Kirk van … Continue reading

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The Debate on Private Equity in 1989, Peter Róna addressing Jensen

Pema Levy has an excellent piece on the differences between private equity and venture capital that I recommend checking out. Since there’s going to be more discussion of private equity, it would be useful to get some more specifics on what criticisms … Continue reading

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The Concentration of Capital Gains and Dividend Income

Mitt Romney turned over his taxes yesterday, revealing that “Unlike most Americans who earn a paycheck, Romney gets the majority of his income from investment profits, dividends and interest…Romney and his wife Ann paid an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent … Continue reading

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Some Notes on a Potential Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

There are rumors that a settlement over foreclosure fraud might be happening in Chicago today.  There are also rumors that such a settlement will be in the State of the Union.  Since the conversation will likely go complex quickly, here … Continue reading

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Changes in the Wealth and Income of Those at the Bottom Over the Past 30 Years

Alex Gourevitch has a recent post that brings up an excellent point.  So much of our conversation on changes over the past thirty years describes what is going on at the median or average value.  There’s an active debate on … Continue reading

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Unpacking Newt’s South Carolina Win: Food Stamps, Apocalypse and Zombies Candidates

Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary over the weekend.  This may all be a historical blip depending on what happens in Florida, but if Gingrich wins that state we could see a drawn out primary.  Conservative and liberal writers are trying … Continue reading

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