Bloggingheads with Peter Frase

The site Bloggingheads is changing its lineup so that there are weekly shows each hosted by a different person. One of the shows is now “Fireside Chats”, which will be curated by the Roosevelt Institute fellows.  Mark Schmitt did the first one last week, and now this week is my first at-bat with Jacobin magazine’s Peter Frase.  Check it out at Bloggingheads here.  Peter makes the case for left-right convergence on a guaranteed income here.  I hope you check it out.

I’ll probably be doing one a month.  Anyone in particular, to my left or right, you’d like to see me talk/debate in future episodes?

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3 Responses to Bloggingheads with Peter Frase

  1. Shawn Gude says:

    Terrific conversation with Peter Frase. Interlocutor suggestions: Doug Henwood, Wendy Brown, Freddie deBoer, Bhaskar Sunkara, Sarah Leonard, anyone else from The New Inquiry or Jacobin

  2. G.g. says:

    Steve Randy Waldman (on the tension between opacity and the need for oversight in finance), L. Randall Wray (an intro and dialog about MMT), Felix Samon (a report card on efforts to make finance journalism readable to an unsophisticated audience), David Graeber (what would the shape of a society better attuned to the implications in “Debt…” look like), Adam Davidson (The crisis three years in, or what Planet Money got wrong)

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