Vacation is all I’ve ever wanted, until April 12th.

And with that, on vacation until April 12th.  Belated honeymoon.  Heading to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Reykjavik.  Anyone have any tips on things to do in those cities?  Can I approach them like how I approach cities in the United States – find a neighborhood with things I like and then just wander around?  Any recommendations for books to read while traveling by train through social democracy?

(Mental note: find way to sneak away from honeymoon to interview Reykjavik officials on their massively successful mortgage debt reduction plan.)

As Terry Tate would say, just because this blog is on vacation doesn’t mean it’s out to lunch.  Friend of the blog JW Mason of the Slack Wire economics blog will be doing guest blogging.  Social media the hell out of his stuff and leave awesome comments. We may also get some additional guest stars in the meantime.

(Mental note 2: Find way to tweet March job numbers next Friday while in Stockholm.)

See you soon!

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10 Responses to Vacation is all I’ve ever wanted, until April 12th.

  1. klhoughton says:

    Tweet the Swedish numbers.

  2. Lars Olsson says:

    You’re going to a place for your honeymoon that’s filled with 6′ tall blonde women? You’re either braver or more foolhardy than I thought. Possibly both. ;o)

  3. nils says:

    If you’re going to Copenhagen, you must try this place for lunch:

  4. nils says:

    And yes, you can approach Copenhagen the same way you approach American cities.

  5. Matt says:

    You may plan on shelving the academic reading while on vacation, but since you’re approaching the trip as “traveling by train through social democracy,” perhaps that’s not your intention. With that caveat, I strongly recommend Peter Swenson’s _Capitalists against Markets_, on the making of labor markets and welfare states in the U.S. and Sweden, if you haven’t already read it.

  6. Åsa says:

    Have been to all of those cities several times. You’re going to be sorely disappointed if you think everyone is blonde and tall and fit. All of my Swedish friends have dark hair and are shorter than me (I’m 5’7) and let’s just say, many Swedes are well-fed. Also, Sweden and Norway have a HUGE influx of immigrants from Africa and the middle east, you’re just as likely to find darker skinned, dark haired people. While you can approach theses cities in the same way as you would an American city, don’t expect American hospitality and friendliness. Scandinavians are sometimes not very open to people they don’t know – with possibly the exception being Iceland. In Stockholm, make sure to visit the Gamla Stan neighborhood. The subway system is very crowded but clean. In Copenhagen, check out Tivoli Gardens. It’s lovely to walk around and very old. There is a great restaurant at Tivoli called Grøften that is very good. Tivoli opens again in mid-April. Also in Denmark, if you’re the type that likes cultural things, make sure to see the Glyptoteket museum, it’s wonderful. There are a lot of things to do in CPH, but April in Scandinavia is still pretty cold, so dress for winter. Also, the bike culture in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Stockholm is fierce. There are more bikes than cars. Don’t expect to rent a car to get around, familiarize yourself with the public transport in each town. Driving is a nightmare (trust me, I’ve done it) and parking is VERY expensive, hard to find and a pain. Scandinavia is the most expensive place you could have chosen to visit so plan to pay about double for anything you buy here, triple if it’s clothing. Everything is heavily taxed and very expensive, even McDonald’s.

  7. gcopping says:

    It’s been some years since I was in Stockhold and Oslo, but here are my tips:

    – Don’t try the Aquavit, it’s effectively bad vodka.
    – Do try the reindeer. Decent, not great, but how many opportunities do you get to try reindeer?
    – I presume you’ll be staying someplace nicer, but on the outside chance I’m wrong, there’s a very unique hostel we stayed at in Stockholm which is an old sailing vessel permanently moored.
    – There are pierside marketplaces in Stockholm that are great places to browse for souvenirs or to pick up lunch at an outdoor vendor.

    In general, both cities are amenable to wandering around, but Stockholm is particularly fun in this regard as the city is composed of a series of islands networked through bridges.

  8. GSo says:

    Oslo: Walk any neighborhood without concern for safety. Suggestion: Start with walking on (yes on) the opera situated at the waterfront, and then follow the Akerselva river from the waterfront through the old industrial area for as long as you find it interesting. For the first few hundred meters you may see some drug dealers, but they are no safety concern. All the old industrial brick buildings are now converted to other use.
    The ski jump arena is a must of course, as is the viking ships on Bygdoy.
    You may eat reindeer all over the world, but whale is only possible in Norway and Japan.
    As you probably know the “Norway” part of Norway (fiords and mountains) is the western coast and all the way up north. You may get that as well by taking the train in the morning for Bergen (wifi included) changing to Flomsbanen down to the bottom of Sognefjorden , and be back in Oslo around 2300. The Flomsbanen will take you from full winter in the high mountains down to the greening trees at sea level on one of the most spectacular railways in the world.
    (and you are of course welcome to have dinner at our place in Oslo if you wish so)

  9. Bill Murray says:

    Oslo and Roskilde (35 km from Copenhagen) have Viking Ship Museums. It’s the 50th anniversary of Roskilde this year

  10. Regal Assets says:

    Don’t work on your honeymoon! Someone will NOT be very happy!

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