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Article on Mass Incarceration at Jacobin, Plus Some Additional Links

[I’ve moved blogs – check out the Next New Deal Rortybomb blog, here is the new rss feed, and here is this post over at the new site.] The Spring 2012 issue of Jacobin is now online.  It has a lot of great content … Continue reading

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What’s Missing From Charles Murray’s Diagnosis of the White Working Class?

David Frum is writing a wonderful review of Charles Murray’s new book Coming Apart.  Frum notices that there’s a clear circuit missing from Murray’s critique of the “shiftlessness and sexual irresponsibility of the white working class.”  I have not read Murray’s … Continue reading

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Income Inequality, Loser Liberalism and the Progressive Assault on Laissez-Faire

I have a post at The Nation I hope you check out, Explainer: How Did Inequality in America Get So Bad? And What Can the Government Do to Fix It?  (There’s an audio interview that goes with it.) In the … Continue reading

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Senate Investigation on Fraud, Role of Fraud in the Financial Debate.

Still on vacation for a bit.  Stopping in to note that the Senate subcommittee on investigation just released its massive 650 page report, Wall Street and the Financial Crisis: Anatomy of a Financial Collapse. There’s a lot to go through in … Continue reading

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Links, 2/22/11

– Both Bernard Harcourt (!) and Adam Serwer have followup on the battle over deinstitutionalization and the problems of using weak balance sheets in a recession as a wedge to reduce prison populations. – This blog, which is mostly about … Continue reading

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“This country has deinstitutionalized before” : The Battle for Reducing Incarceration, Mitch Daniels and Conservatives, and When Brute Force Fails.

University of Chicago law professor Bernard Harcourt has this really amazing post over at Balkin about the lessons that can be learned from the decline in mental institutionalization and how they can be applied to the de-incarceration movement. He starts … Continue reading

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Involuntary Commitment and the Prison Population

William Galston writes at The New Republic The Tucson Shooter and the Case for Involuntary Commitment: …the most important and least contestable facts are getting lost: Jared Lee Loughner was mentally ill when he pulled the trigger, there were multiple … Continue reading

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The Conservative World View and Prison Populations, Broken Windows.

Tim Carney asks, as a New Year’s resolution, to not to do battle with faceless ideologies. Carney is interjecting into a specific problem, that of the conservative movement and prison population. Carney: But on Twitter, Serwer repeatedly characterized the “conservative … Continue reading

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Legalizing Pot and “Incapacitation”

(Graph.) Catching up on blogs, I saw two interesting posts from Andrew Sullivan’s guest bloggers. First up, Patrick Appel notes: “Will Legalizing Pot Double Use? We have no reason to think so…” and goes into a study about the legalization … Continue reading

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Institutionalization Rate

An economist at a financial firm emails Greg Mankiw an analysis, one paragraph I want to focus on: Finally, critics like to make remarks that the US has artificially reduced its unemployment rate by putting people in jail, claiming that … Continue reading

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