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Getting Ready to Move to the New Blog

Back from a lovely honeymoon (why doesn’t everyone move to Iceland?), and now it’s time to get back to the hustle. Exciting news: this blog is moving over to a new site: Next New Deal’s Rortybomb Blog. Next New Deal is … Continue reading

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Vacation is all I’ve ever wanted, until April 12th.

And with that, on vacation until April 12th.  Belated honeymoon.  Heading to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Reykjavik.  Anyone have any tips on things to do in those cities?  Can I approach them like how I approach cities in the United … Continue reading

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New Article and Paper on the State Public Workforce Losses in 2011

I have a new article at The Nation – For States That Went Red in 2010, Massive Public Sector Job Losses Came Next.  There’s also a very short research brief from Roosevelt Institute – The GOP’s State Project of Slashing the … Continue reading

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What the Principles of the Ryan Plan Look Like in Florida

I want to bring this longer Jacobin post by John Carol Baker on what the state-level budget battles look like in Florida – Austerity in Heaven’s Corridor – to your attention.  We haven’t talked about the Ryan Budget that was released … Continue reading

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Live at Boston Review on Inequality, Rents and Occupy; Plus Comments on Three Types of Rents.

Boston Review has put their forum from their most recent magazine, What To Do About Inequality, online.  My contribution is here.  Check out the rest of the articles as well – Anne Astott’s contribution in particular was excellent. The lead essay by David … Continue reading

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A Note on Issa’s Brooklyn Foreclosure Hearing, or: The Lucy and the Chocolate Factory Theory of Foreclosure Abuses

Darrell Issa held a hearing in Brooklyn titled  “Failure to Recover: The State of Housing Markets, Mortgage Servicing Practices, and Foreclosures.”  It was filled mostly with members of the banking and regulatory community, as well as Edward Pinto of the conservative … Continue reading

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Links, 3/16/12

– I have a post up at Dissent, Three Crises in Higher Ed Affordability.  It’s helpful for me to divide out the current crisis into three different crises, each with different battlefields, strategies, ideas and solutions – and I’ll probably continue … Continue reading

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