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A She-covery In Sight?

Roosevelt Institute’s New Deal 2.0 editor Bryce Covert had an excellent summary of gender and the recovery over at the Nation: One Mancession Later, Are Women Really Victors in the New Economy?  Trying to figure out why women’s job growth have … Continue reading

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Efficient Frontier Tradeoffs and Plea Bargaining

Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, has an editorial explaining how to crash the criminal justice system: AFTER years as a civil rights lawyer, I rarely find myself speechless. But some questions a woman I know posed during … Continue reading

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Bloggingheads with Peter Frase

The site Bloggingheads is changing its lineup so that there are weekly shows each hosted by a different person. One of the shows is now “Fireside Chats”, which will be curated by the Roosevelt Institute fellows.  Mark Schmitt did the first … Continue reading

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Some Critical Thoughts On The Rent Is Too Damn High

I just finished reading Matt Yglesias’ new e-book about the negative consequences of restrictive housing regulations, The Rent is Too Damn High (which I’ll refer to as RTDH in this post). I like the idea of the shorter e-book rather than … Continue reading

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VSP Historical Trip; also Keynes: “Look after the unemployment, and the Budget will look after itself.”

Let’s take a historical trip to see Very Serious People of the early 1930s explain the need to abandon expansionary plans and pivot to deficit reduction.  Here’s a fun one.  First there’s a 1932 letter published to the Times of London … Continue reading

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Is the Economy Really Taking Off Enough to Pivot to Deficit Reduction?

Steven Pearlstein is concerned there’s too much emphasis on getting unemployment down and not enough on pivoting to deficit reduction in the states. Krugman has a good response; I want to focus on two specific parts of Pearlstein’s post.  The first: … Continue reading

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Two Points on the Bloomberg Article on Wall Street Bonuses: Rentiers and Bonus Culture

I think everyone has commented on this Bloomberg article, Wall Street Bonus Withdrawal Means Trading Aspen for Coupons.  People making six figures take a 20% hit to their bonus and all hell breaks loose. Example: “People who don’t have money don’t … Continue reading

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