At the Roosevelt Institute

I have good news. I have just accepted a new job; starting now, I’ll be a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. I’ll be working on financial reform, as well as developing ideas related to the 21st century economy, structural unemployment, inequality, risk sharing, consumer access to financial services and more generally what it means to have a social contract in a financialized, post-industrial economy. We are currently talking about how to merge my blog with their blogging website New Deal 2.0.

I also have to figure out how to get to New York City, where I’ll be based. Anyone up for a drink once I’m settled?

This opportunity is very exciting for me (I won’t lie, I’ve been singing “fellow, ellow, ellow eh eh eh” in my head since accepting). Thank you everyone who has read, commented, emailed, linked, etc. Special thanks to Felix Salmon and James/Simon at Baseline and Derek Thompson at The Atlantic for pushing this blog into a wider audience, Ezra Klein, Ryan Avent, Reihan Salam and Chris Hayes for encouragement and engagement on many issues, and Steve Randy Waldman for being an influence in how to write about finance on the blogosphere. I had no expectation that this would have blown up the way it did, and it has been an excellent ride so far. I hope you stick around for what comes next!

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16 Responses to At the Roosevelt Institute

  1. Felix Salmon says:

    How to get to NYC? It’s Acela + Mifi, or BoltBus, depending on your budget 🙂


  2. Dara says:

    Question: if I write the rest of the lyrics, would you record a Reihan-style music video?

  3. Dismal says:


    As for the trip, I’ve had a pleasant time on both Jet Blue and Virgin America (which has free internet sponsored by Google until the end of the year, heh).

  4. Adam says:

    Congrats Mike, that’s awesome. A Fellow… You almost have to say “fellow” in that sense with a British accent.

  5. AndrewBW says:

    Hail fellow, well met!

  6. Ted K says:

    I would kill to have some Gin and Tacos with you Mike Konczal. Unfortunately, I’m not in NYC and low on cash flow anyway. But next cheap alcoholic beverage I have at home, the glass will be raised symbolically to YOU Mike Konczal. Congrats to a well deserved place at Roosevelt!!! We appreciate your writings/hard work so much Mike.

  7. Not the Mike You're Looking For says:

    Congratulations! The recognition you so richly deserve! but ….

    Noooooo!!!! Don’t let Rortybomb be swallowed up by another blog!

    • Ted K says:

      As long as Mike has 100% control of content and it’s free access to everyone, I don’t have a problem with it. But this site is a jewel and we can’t lose in any form or fashion the service it provides.

      • Not the Mike You're Looking For says:

        Ted K,

        To some extent, I was being facetious, exaggerating for effect. I love the fact that Mike is getting not only recognition, but (presumably) more time and resources to work on what he does so well.

        Nevertheless, have you looked at their blog? There’s so much distracting stuff on the margins that there’s hardly any room for the posts! Indeed, I can’t find any meaningful content on the front page. At the very least, a merger will be an inconvenience for me, as I’ll have to scroll through all the other stuff to get to Mike’s posts, then click through the annoying “read more” links. Yes, I’m that selfish and petty. 🙂

        But more than that, I worry that “merging” the two blogs means that there will have to be some coordination of content and standardization of format to make the end result more cohesive.

        I agree that this site is a jewel, but its virtues go beyond the content of the posts.

  8. mshivers says:

    Congrats. I had major social-network shock when I moved to NYC from Berkeley, but it’s pretty awesome here when you get settled in.

  9. Congratulations. I certainly have appreciated your writing over the past few years. Cheers and good luck.

  10. Anal_yst says:

    Congratulations and let me know when you get to NYC for that drink. I’d have to second your thanks to Derek Thompson @ The Atlantic, he’s been nothing short of fantastic in my experience with him as well.


  11. Michael Jung says:


    I hope you that you keep up the exceptional work here on that blog, or at least cross link your works.


  12. Jordan says:

    Congrats! Longtime reader here – I work in risk at an ibank – hit me up if you’re serious about that drink.

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