The Boom Not The Slump: Commentary

We’ve had a lot of exciting feedback and commentary on our latest paper The Boom Not The Slump: The Right Time For Austerity, including discussion from Paul Krugman, Brad Delong, James Ledbetter at Slate, Richard Exell at Touchstone Blog, Gregory White at Business Insider and Karl Whelan at Irish Economy. Thanks to everyone for discussing it.

We’ve updated the paper to an August 23rd edition taking in some feedback and cleaning up some typos, a formatting error in Table 1, and references to a count of total examples in text.

We look forward to sharing future working papers with you, including exciting upcoming new work on unemployment and the national debt.

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1 Response to The Boom Not The Slump: Commentary

  1. Ted K says:

    Hahaha, I like Krugman’s “comprehensive list” of austerity growth episodes. Maybe that’s why I enjoy economic writing better than most people. Sometimes dry humor is the best. Haven’t read the paper, but it’s now somewhere at the top of the “to do” list.

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