Links, 2/22/11

– Both Bernard Harcourt (!) and Adam Serwer have followup on the battle over deinstitutionalization and the problems of using weak balance sheets in a recession as a wedge to reduce prison populations.

– This blog, which is mostly about financial engineering and economic wonkery, is a bit of a dude space.  You should add Lady Journos to your reader and/or twitter. Here’s the explanation of the site, which is a running collection of links to articles by up-and-coming women writers.

– Molly Lambert teaches you how to be a woman in any Boy’s Club. Excellent article.

– Kevin Drum long-awaited article about unions and political economy.  That whole issue of Mother Jones looks great, including these charts on inequality.

Shawn Doherty in Cap Times has a great article on Governor Walker going after Medicaid.   I’ve been trying to get my head around this part of the debate, a part equally important as the public union breaking part.  The ability for a Governor to rework important state functions without oversight and without some sort of check for the “public interest” leads to crony deals and corruption. Jonathan Cohn has an important followup, where he points out the telling idea that Walker is even going after Tommy Thompson’s reforms.

– E.D. Kain on the death and life of the American Middle Class. I’m enjoying reading E.D. Kain’s political dilemma and how he is trying to work it out in real time by engaging with ideas and writing. There’s a problem in the American political landscape where if you are even a little bit conservative leaning there aren’t many homes on the Right that don’t involve signing up for a hideous form of Social Darwinism. I wish him luck trying to create a new space.

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1 Response to Links, 2/22/11

  1. Ted K says:

    Female writers??? Mike no blasphemy please.

    I like to joke and make my little “snarky” remarks online. I think it’s part of the fun. I say what is really on my mind about Jews and women, and certain things which are generally true, and there a reason why stereotypes exist. Because often times stereotypes have a degree of truth, and if you’re walking in a bad neighborhood of Detroit, you WILL cross to the other side of the street when you see a black man coming. Everyone will, but if you say it you’re the devil. And I make remarks on women and money sometimes. But if you check my blog I have more links to female writers than most blogs, and have had for MONTHS, but no one ever notices THAT.

    Take care Mike. And no I don’t care if you post this or censor it Mike. Whatever floats your boat man.

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