Moved Over

I’ve been blogging away over at my new blog at Next New Deal, come join me over there!  Here’s the new rss feed.

I might post here once in a great while, mostly to draw additional attention to recent non-blog post work I’ve been doing – articles, appearances, etc. – that could use some additional attention. So feel free to keep this in your rss, as I won’t overrun it with materials or double posts.  The portfolio tab above keeps a running track of some of my bigger stuff, and that’ll stay updated for the foreseeable future.

Thanks again everyone who has read, commented, tweeted, linked, emailed, and everything else so far.  Big props to those I interacted with early on, and extra thanks to those who reached out when I was still a pseudonymous blogger, and gave me some much appreciated early encouragement.  It has been an honor to be able to try and make sense of the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression, the efforts to reform and rein in Wall Street, the political environment of the first term of the Obama administration as well as any type of future for progressive politics here with all of you, and I will do my best to continue to do so at the next space.

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1 Response to Moved Over

  1. 503me says:

    Just wanted to tell you that i enjoyed your post and look forward to more. You gave really good points and they made think. Thank you

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